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Eric Peyton, freelance golf writer and professional golf instructor located in Des Moines, Iowa

Golf Services:

Private Lessons

Eric Peyton Golf offers private indoor golf lessons for players of all ages and skill levels. He's been teaching the game professionally since 2006 at courses all around the Midwest. Currently, he teaches at an indoor facility, called Broheim's, with golf simulators in central Iowa. There are a variety of pricing options available; single, video, package, or playing lessons. Click the Lessons tab for more information and to request a lesson.



Golf Services:

Written Content

Eric has a passion for writing about the game of golf, helping others learn about the game and communicate a captivating message. He maintains an instructional golf blog, which can be found under the Blog tab, and contributes to a variety of other golf website. Currently, he's a regular contributing writer for Golficity, a popular golf blog. If you would like to hire Eric to write for your publication, please click the Contact tab above and submit a message. You can also view his Upwork page for more information as well.